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What differentiates us from any other bar are three simple principles, which are at the heart of every product we sell. They give integrity to our brand, but most importantly are a commitment to our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves. We guarantee to sell products that:

Help a new venture to grow

Are made with craftsmanship and skill

Support a cause other than their own

social responsibility

While each individual principle is vital to the growth of Unwind as a socially responsible company, their key strength is when combined to form the Unwind guarantee. We will only sell products that meet at least two of our three principles. “Why not all three?” I hear you ask; of course this is one of our ultimate goals however we don’t think it is fair to ask new businesses to ‘support a cause other than their own’ immediately. We know how hard launching a new business can be, therefore we firmly believe if companies we work with are supported to grow in a socially responsible way, then when they can, they will.

The Unwind guarantee has proven incredibly popular with our customers who are increasingly curious and keen to know that the drink they purchased and consume is sourced responsibly, sustainably, and supports all those involved in the production – from the top to the bottom.






















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